City Permits & Drawing Services

All new home plans commence with you suggesting your ideas to our professionals. Detailed drawings, sketches, written or verbal descriptions, even plans from a previous or existing structure are welcome. The root point of design always commences with an idea that you bring to us. The more information you might have, the better we can determine and facilitate your design goals and desires.

We guide our clients through each facet of the design stage to the actual construction of your new home. Apart from this we also take all the legal permits to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. Our service is building your dream/vision. The following list is comprised of factors you need to consider when preparing for a preliminary drawing:

  • Floor plans, from a website, from a magazine, sketched drawing
  • Pictures from, websites, books, magazines, or a picture taken with your camera
  • Site plan, from the city, or from a surveying company
  • How many bedrooms
  • How many bathrooms
  • Total square footage
  • Your initial budget

When do you need a Building Permit?

You need a Building Permit to erect, install, extend, alter or repair a building. If you are demolishing all or part of a building, you will need a Building Permit to Demolish. Construction or alterations that result in a material change to a building or an accessory structure will require a permit and inspection(s). Drawing city permits & design for a built home in Toronto is offered by Home Renomatic.

Projects that require a building permit:

  • changing the use of a building to a residential use
  • demolitions or additions
  • gazebos
  • porches
  • decks
  • fences for swimming pools
  • creating new openings for, or increasing the size of, doors and windows
  • fire damage repair
  • ramps or elevating devices
  • wood stoves or fireplaces
  • raising a house to provide a full basement
  • interior alterations
  • anything that involves moving or relocating plumbing
  • detached structures greater than 10 square meters (108 square feet)

At Home Renomatic, custom home plans and design are our strength along with complete range of drawing city permits & design for built home in Toronto. We have gained a great reputation for custom home design and house plans. We strive to give our clients high quality drafting services and accurate floor plans and blueprints. We design with our clients’ needs in mind.

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